Japanese monk completes incredible nine-day test of endurance

Mount Hiei where the ritual took place
Mount Hiei where the ritual took place

A Japanese monk has become the first person in eight years to complete a gruelling test of endurance.

The BBC are reporting that a Buddhist monk named Kogen Kamahori has completed a ritual known as "doiri".

The test involves reciting a chant to the Buddhist god Acala 100,000 times as well as denying yourself food, drinks or even a lie down.

Kamahori is the first person in eight years, and only the 13th since 1945, to complete the nine-day test.

The ordeal, which took place on Mount Hiei, a holy mountain in Japan, is part of the monk's journey towards enlightment and is one part of a seven-year process.

Kamahori now only has two years left in his task, which is known as the 1,000 day walk.

This involves making 1,000 trips around the base of the mountain on foot on non consecutive days.

Over the course of the 1,000 days he will walk 40,000km.