Is this dress too provocative for a high school dance?

Student Craft in that dress
Student Craft in that dress

This prom dress worn by student and regional model Alexis Craft was deemed too provocative for a Pensacola High School dance

Custom made by Mobile designer Destani Hoffman, the dress worn by Craft (16) fell foul of eagle eyed school authorities  who asked her to leave the event as the dress's slits were too high and defied the dress code.

"It had panels in the front cut all the way to the crotch all the way around," according to Pensacola High School Dean Marsha Regina. "When she walked it was up to her crotch and it swung open and she had nothing else on underneath it."

Craft said she was wearing underwear and was not aware of the dress code. 

To add to the confusion, Craft's dress was initially approved by women at the entrance who showed signs staying either "stop" or "go" to let prom-goers know if their dresses were acceptable. 

"I made it to the ticket booth and I handed in my ticket and I was about to walk in the door to the dance," Craft said. She said another school official then stopped her and asked her to turn around. 

Craft was then asked to go back to the women holding the stop and go signs.  

Craft said that one of the dress-approvers actually lifted up the middle front panel of her dress in front of a crowd of people. 

"I didn't give her permission," Craft said. "She picked it up, looked at my underwear, and said 'That's not appropriate.'"

Craft was then asked to leave, and given the option to return with a proper dress. She did not return.

"I felt humiliated, like I was harassed by adults, and I lost a lot of my confidence," Craft said. "I just wanted to leave as soon as possible because I didn't want to cry in front of the people who embarrassed me."

Dean Regina said nobody lifted up part of Craft's dress and "nobody embarrassed her."