Irishman spectacularly fails to say 'specifically'

Tommy feeling a specific sort of pain
Tommy feeling a specific sort of pain

A Northern Irishman has gone viral due to his inability to say the word 'specifically' in a YouTube video uploaded by his girlfriend.

Northern Irishman Tommy has become internet famous as his attempts to pronounce ‘specifically’ send the female videographer into rapturous laughter.

It seems that Tommy’s girlfriend isn’t the only person amused by his failed attempts as the video is close to having 150,000 YouTube views.

Numerous new strands of the word are created by the poor lad, with some gems including “pacifically” and “sepifically” which is found particularly hilarious by the woman behind the video.

After trying 15 times to get the word out properly, the man thought to be from Belfast instructs his giggling girlfriend to "shut it down".

In fairness to Tommy, the word 'specific' came in at number two on a Reddit thread which listed the top 10 hardest English words to pronounce.