Irish supermodel Tiffany lands role in Hollywood blockbuster

Tiffany Stanley
Tiffany Stanley

GORGEOUS Tiffany Stanley is all geared up to make her movie debut as Calamity Jane in a new Hollywood movie – and here’s why movie producers have swooped on the sexy Kildare lass.

The model looks sensational in her latest photoshoot.

“The shoot was for a top American clothing brand called Lovexlabels and was shot in downtown Los Angeles,” she explains.”

“Things in L.A. are going great and recently I’ve been getting more involved in film projects and cutting back on modelling. It is a place of amazing opportunity, but in some regards being a pretty girl can make things a little more difficult.

“Directors ‘typecast’ you as a model and it’s hard to break out of that role. As a result I had to change my image, darken my hair, dress more low key and wear less make-up. My agent said to be ‘less sexy’.”

She will soon start filming Brothers James: Retribution, in which she stars as Martha Jane Canary (Calamity Jane).

“It will start filming at the end of the summer and I’m very excited about that,” she says.

“The director told me I need gun training and to develop a southern American accent. As I grew up in Kildare and had horses since I was young, I already know how to ride! When I met the director of Brother James he said: ‘Wow, you are perfect for this!’

 “Frank Powers is the director and he was involved in the Avengers movies. Former heavyweight world champion David Rodriguez is my co-star.”

Tiffany stresses there is more to her than meets the eye.

“It’s funny that people often mistake me for a girly girl, but my dream is to do action movies where I get to do stunts, fight scenes and crazy stuff,” she insists.

“I have a wild side that people don’t realise. I also love a challenge and am not afraid to try new things.”

She was recently dating millionaire Shervin Roohparvar, who is starring in the Shahs of Sunset TV series.

Tiffany also reveals she has been writing her first book.

“I was inspired by how many people messaged me on my Instagram asking how I keep in shape, what diet I follow and what workouts I do,” she explains.

“I’m super motivated and love working out, so right now I’m in talks with publishing agents on developing a fitness brand. This will be my personal guide to fitness and nutrition.

“Next month I’m booked to shoot for Maxim again and I’m looking forward to that.

 “Between meetings, auditions, castings, shoots, filming and writing, I often work 12-13 hours a day. I recently flew to New York for a meeting, it’s so crazy there.

“I’m coming home in August after I film my Calamity Jane role and I can’t wait to see everyone. I miss all my friends and family.”