VIDEO: Irish snooker player 'executes' unbelievable fluke trick shot

Paul McCavery
Paul McCavery

A County Down snooker player couldn't believe his luck when the trick shot he was attempting failed - before a dramatic stroke of luck saw him pot the ball he was initially aiming for.

This video shows how Paul McCavery accidentally launched the white ball off the table. It then came off the light shade before knocking the pink into the corner pocket.

Paul said: "It's probably ended up being one of the best shots I've ever played.

"Gerard Travers, the manager at the club, only lets me try the daft trick shots when they're putting a new cloth on the table because he thinks I'll wreck it.

"They were removing this one so I thought I would try some shots where I have to play a deep screw on the white.

"I just went for it too hard but, lo and behold, it smacked off the light and I ended up potting what I wanted anyway."