Irish people lie four times a day, and men tell fibs more often

We all tell a few white lies every day
We all tell a few white lies every day

A new survey has revealed that the average Irish person lies four times a day, with men proving to be more frequent fibbers than women

The survey, conducted by Four Star Pizza, also reveals the most common lie for each sex. For men it is the classic 'nothing's wrong with me' while for women it is the equally classic 'I'll be ready in a second'.

Another finding is that men lie most often about the number of sexual partners they had, with 40 per cent admitting to lowering the real number in a bid to impress a woman. Twenty-five per cent of women do the same.

However, 40 per cent of women lie about their weight to possible romantic partners.

As for some of the other frequent white lies that we spout top for women include 'I’ve had this dress for ages’ and ‘not tonight, I’m really tired’ while men regualrly use '‘I cleaned that last week,’ and ‘that was a virus, I don’t know how it ended up on my laptop’.

And while the Irish average person only tells four lies a day, 10 per cent of those surveyed tell up to 10 lies a day. Unless they were lying to the person who asked the question, of course.

Men also tell porkies about sporting prowess, how much they earn, their skills in the kitchen and what books they read.

Women most often lie about things like their measurements and how often they workout.