VIDEO: Irish lad comes home from US for Xmas - his mum goes crazy

John McAleenan and his mum
John McAleenan and his mum

A video made by Rostrevor man John McAleenan shows the heartwarming moment his mother sees him for the first time in three years.

John, from Rostrevor, County Down, had been living in America since 2012.

Unknowingly to his mother, John's brother had arranged to pick him up at Dublin airport for a surprise homecoming trip for Christmas.

But John decided to set up a video in order to catch his mum's amazing reaction on camera.

The footage shows his sleepy mum entering the room where John was quietly sitting, having previously set up a camera. 

The results are both hilarious and rather emotional.



Probably one of the best things I've ever done, so glad to be home after a year x #christmassurprise

Posted by John McAleenan on Saturday, 12 December 2015