VIDEO: Irish clan say 'pooing in fridge' claim is nonsense

VIDEO: Irish clan say 'pooing in fridge' claim is nonsense

THE Irish family at the centre of one of the strangest Jeremy Kyle episodes in recent memory has revealed the truth behind the accusations that they pooed in their auntie’s fridge.

The Doran family, originally from Ireland but based in London, appeared on the ITV show earlier this month and took lie detectors to prove they didn’t steal £1,200 from their auntie Eileen.

Eileen had accused her sister Mary and Mary’s daughters, Mary Jnr, Kathleen and Theresa, of stealing the money, but they passed lie detector tests to prove they didn’t.

It also emerged during the show that Eileen had made a voodoo doll of Mary Snr, who has suffered a series of injuries since and which the family blamed on the curse of the doll.

And things took an even more bizarre twist when Kathleen revealed what Eileen accused her husband of.

Jeremy said: “She [Eileen] accused your partner of...”

“Doing something in her fridge,” Kathleen said.

“You won’t say it will you,” Jeremy interrupted.

“Pooing,” he finished.

However, Eileen changed her mind when Jeremy asked her who was responsible for the mess in the fridge.

The talk-show host asked if she’d accused Kathleen’s husband of “pooping in the fridge”.

Eileen shouted: “No I didn’t, she [Kathleen] did it. She did it, yeah she did, do a lie detector.”

Jeremy added: “You just want to know who’s done a ‘whatsit’ in your fridge.”

Eileen continued to accuse Kathleen.

“I swear on the holy bible she did it,” she shouted.

The family were due to appear on the show the following day to take a lie detector over the fridge incident, but after the women all passed the lie detector test for stealing the money Eileen refused to return to the show.

The story generated a massive reaction online, with hundreds of people expressing disappointment that the family didn’t return to solve the mystery of the fridge incident.

Several newspapers in the U.K. reported on the show and told how viewers were disappointed they didn’t get to find out what happened. 

However, the Sunday World tracked down the family this week to find the answer to the mystery.

Mary Jnr told us she didn’t even realise the show got such a big reaction as she doesn’t read.  

She said the family are unlikely to return to the show, but she told the Sunday World what happened with the fridge.

“She really did say that five years ago. She accused my sister’s partner of pooing in her fridge. I don’t think she’s the full shilling. What happened was she was in her caravan and left her food in her caravan and went away for about a week.

“When she came back the food was rotten in the fridge. Everything was gone smelly and rotten and my sister helped her clear out her fridge.

“In that time my auntie had an argument with my sister’s partner. She’s got a funny brain so then she said to my sister your partner pooed in my fridge.  It was just gone-off food.”

Jeremy had asked all the members of the family if they’d take a lie detector over the fridge and they agreed, but it didn’t happen because Eileen refused to return to the show.

Mary told how she was glad the lie detector tests show the family hadn’t taken the money, but said her auntie hadn’t apologised.

“I haven’t spoke to her since. It hurt our feelings that our auntie would accuse us of taking her money. She took it bad. She felt ashamed probably of accusing people in the wrong, but she didn’t apologise.

“I’ll speak to her, but I don’t think I’ll ever be the same with her. I wouldn’t like to spend a night in her house after she accused me and my mummy and my sisters of taking money.

“She is my auld auntie. I have got feelings for her. In one way I do feel sorry for her. I don’t think her nerves are too good.

“If she gets something in her mind that someone did something that’s it. If she was a judge in court everyone would be done.”

Mary said it was unlikely the family would return on the show.

“Jeremy Kyle wanted us to come back on the show again, but I don’t think we’re going to go back. I don’t want to keep being a laughing stock on TV.”