Ireland gets back to the future in building electric cars

Tom with his homemade vehicle
Tom with his homemade vehicle

Ireland is to start producing cars again – the first time since the iconic DeLorean ceased production three decades ago.

Swift Composite Prototypes, who are based in Dunleer in Co. Louth, are set to enter the market in late 2016 with their stylish and futuristic Alex e-roadster, an electric car that weighs in at around 700kg.

The sporty little number will, just like the DeLorean, feature a lifting roof and doors in one assembly – thereby allowing you to enter and exit the car easily.

The Alex

The fully electric vehicle will have the batter units stored beneath the floor.

“It’ll pack a punch,” said Tom Finnegan from the company.

“The back wheels are powered by 2 lightweight AC motors providing rapid acceleration and the ability to easily reach motorway speeds.

“Should you have to recharge, a quick charge takes only 20-30 minutes, just enough time for a coffee break,” added Tom, who has already built a working prototype of a different electric sports car at his home in Co. Roscommon using some of the same technologies.

The expected cost of this new entry to the car market is not known at this stage. 

You can find out more information on the Alex at www.eroadster.net.