Indiana man embarks on cycle ride across America to win back his wife and get back in shape

Eric Hites
Eric Hites

An Indiana man has embarked on an epic cycle ride across America in a bid to win back his wife while getting back in shape.

Eric Hites (40) and his wife separated last year, which appears to have sparked a transformation in the Hites who has declared his journey as his “defining moment”.

He has created a website and blog dubbed ‘Fat Guy Across America’ to share his story as a 563-pound man attempting to cross the continental US with little more than two wheels and determination.

Hites, of Danville, Indiana, said he decided on the trip after he and his wife separated last year. He explained that poor health and increasing weight started causing problems in the marriage.

“Mostly because of my weight I was depressed and grumpy and it kind of fell apart,” Hites told ABC News today from Rhode Island.

While he wanted to stay with his wife, he said he knew he needed to make some kind of gesture to show her he was committed to both the marriage and getting healthy.

One day he heard the Proclaimer's song “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” and he decided he could prove his love and get in shape with a similar yet longer trip.

“I can’t walk another 500 miles, but I can do it on a bicycle,” Hites recalled thinking at the time. “I can do it from East coast to West coast to lose weight.”