Incredible number of stag and hen parties to hit Dublin this weekend

An incredible 62 stags are headed to Dublin this weekend
An incredible 62 stags are headed to Dublin this weekend

A site that tracks trends in the world of stag and hen nights has calculated how many are in each major city this weekend, and Dublin is set for a huge invasion of those about to get wed.

UK-based site Last Night Of Freedom publish all sorts of data and stats on the stag and hen industry and their latest bit of information predicts an extremely busy weekend for Dublin's pubs and clubs.

They have calculated the number of stags and hens out and about in virtually every city in Europe this weekend and Dublin will be the fifth busiest, with a staggering 123 stags and hens set to visit Dublin over the next few days.

With 62 stags and 61 hens the spilt is almost 50/50 and it puts Dublin ahead of destinations such as Barcelona and Liverpool when it comes to the big pre-wedding bash.

Top of the list is Newcastle, with 185 groups expected this weekend, followed by Amsterdam (133), London (128) and Prague (127).

“I’m not surprised that Dublin is so popular with stags and hens this weekend – it has been a long-time favourite,” says Matt Mavir, managing director of Last Night of Freedom.

“There is good reason for Dublin’s enduring popularity, which is that it’s a great place to visit, largely thanks to the famously warm Irish hospitality." 

Other Irish cities on the list include Belfast (36), Galway, who should see six groups this weekend, while five stags and hens are aiming for Cork this weekend.