I Spy is the best way to keep children quiet whilst travelling

I Spy is the best way to keep children quiet whilst travelling

'I Spy' has been crowned the best tactic to keep children occupied whilst travelling.

A study conducted by DisneyLife has proved more children enjoy the journey to a holiday destination as much as the vacation, which is helped by providing entertainment for the little ones, although 57 per cent of kids' tantrums is as a result of boredom.

Research has shown tricks including telling the little ones the Sat Nav's directions can amuse children, who believe the signal "Bear right", means there is a furry animal approaching, whilst smiling at the traffic light is the magic sign to make the light turn from red to green and gives them a new sense of excitement.

Whilst handing over a tablet device to your tot has not proven to be as successful as a traditional sing-a-long with the family.

Speaking about the best method to keep your brood quiet for a long haul flight, Behaviour Psychologist, Jo Hemmings, said: "The key to stress-free travel with young children lies in planning, preparation and not applying the same rules as you would at home.

"Playing traditional games, singing songs together and letting them watch movies and cartoons are the most successful ways of keeping your little ones from getting bored. Along with having enough food, drink and toys to keep them occupied - and a realistic sense of how long the journey is likely to take - these activities will all help eliminate travel anxiety and get you and your family to your destination with the minimum disruption."