VIDEO: Hotel valet smashes guest's Lamborghini

VIDEO: Hotel valet smashes guest's Lamborghini

An unlucky valet managed to wrap a €183,000 supercar into a wall outside the super posh Le Meridien hotel in New Delhi.

The owner, Nipun Miglani has filed a lawsuit against the hotel, who deny responsibility and the valet Arun Kumar, for the full cost of repairs.

The whole incident was caught on CCTV.

After Kumar collected the car from the parking area he brought the Lamborghini Gallardo to the front of the hotel and briefly got out.

Guests then watched on in horror as Kumar’s colleagues and some pedestrians ran for cover as the Italian supercar smashed into the back of a car before hurtling into a concrete wall.

Mr Kumar was injured in the accident but discharged from hospital the same day.

The Gallardo sells in Europe for around €183,000, but that price nearly doubles in India due to import taxes.