Holidaymakers waste time with photos

Holidaymakers waste time with photos

British holidaymakers spend up to five hours of family time taking photos during their breaks.

New research from UK short break company Butlin's showed parents take on average 24 photos a day, with 11 per cent taking a huge 50 pictures in a single day on holiday, while one in 25 will take over 15 minutes to set up the ideal shot - during which they could have enjoyed around seven rides.

With one in 13 parents admitting their photo-taking has meant their family missed out on doing activities together, Butlin's has enlisted a team of roving snappers trained by royal photographer Samir Hussein, to capture candid moments during their break.

Samir told BANG Showbiz: "We're trying to give a helping hand to the families and by bringing in these roving photographers who can actually take these really nice natural pictures of the family so that the family can enjoy more time together in that respect, it's giving them back more time."

Families who put Samir's photo dos and don'ts into practice this summer can also share their snaps using #RealFamilyMoments and @Butlins. For more information visit www.butlins.com