Health officials concerned about ‘chemsex’ drug orgies

Health officials concerned about ‘chemsex’ drug orgies

Heath officials are becoming increasingly concerned about the consequences surrounding the growing popularity of drug fuelled ‘chemsex’ orgies.

The trend, which has been dubbed ‘dangerous’, involves people engaging in 72-hour drug-fuelled sex sessions, with multiple partners.

Reports in today’s Daily Star claim that 64 per cent of attendees to a London sex clinic admitted to using chemsex drugs, between 2013-2014, and of these, 74 per cent admitted to injecting the chemicals.

Screenshot from Documentary: Chemsex 

Reports indicate that the UK’s NHS are concerned about that the craze could lead to a spike in STDs.

NHS Staff and the Royal College of GPs  released a statement saying:

“Chemsex drug users often describe 'losing days'—not sleeping or eating for up to 72 hours — and this may harm their general health,"

The drugs involved in ‘chemsex’, Mephedrone, Crystal Meth and GHB, are physiological stimulants which turn up an individual's heart rate, blood flow and trigger euphoria and arousal which leads to sex sessions that carry on for days.

But, these drugs can also lead to mental disorders and can cause users to lose their inhibitions.

Richard Ma of the Royal College of GPs’ Sex Drugs Group, told The Star: “Chemsex is a rapidly emerging pattern of drug use, not just amongst men who have sex with men as often assumed, but heterosexual patients as well.

“Taking recreational drugs during sex can lead to a number of potentially harmful side effects including facilitating the spread of common STIs and HIV, but also serious mental health problems, such as anxiety, psychoses and suicidal tendencies.

“As such, it is essential that both patients and healthcare professionals – including GPs and primary health care teams – are aware of these and take the issue seriously. The College would agree that chemsex is a public health issue.”