Have a go at the maths problem that has the world stumped

It is a real head scratcher
It is a real head scratcher

A question on a test given to Asian school kids has gone viral as the world wonders how to solve it.

If you haven't been to school in a few years, or the old brain cells are not what they used to be then we advise you stop reading.

This question, which has been doing the rounds online today, has stumped the world as people have been baffled trying to work out one simple question; when is Cheryl's birthday?

The question, which appeared on a test at the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad was posted online by a Singapore TV host and ever since it has been causing people to scratch their heads.

Here it is

Sounds simple eh?

So, we'll leave you to it. Scroll down for the answer and an explanation on how it is achieved, also posted by Kong online.















Aheam, simple eh?