Guy uses McChicken Sandwich to propose


Yes, you read the headline correctly, this man proposed to his girlfriend using a McChicken sandwich.

In the hidden-camera video Michael Joseph uploaded to YouTube, he and his girlfriend Ann drive to the McDonald's where they had their first date two years earlier.

"She joked for months about how 10 years down the road I would probably propose to her in a chicken nugget box, so I thought she would love when I surprised her this way," he wrote in the caption.

Obviously Anne didn’t think his McProposal was a great plan and turned him down.

"She didn't love it like the way I thought she would. We agreed to wait longer until it's time to get engaged."

The couple are still together, but Joseph says it’ll be a while before he pops the question again.

"I think it will be a little but before I do this again. It was an impulsive move," he said