Grieving daughter told her mum is too fat to be cremated


A grieving daughter has been told her mum is too fat to be cremated.

A retired dinner lady Mary Butler told relatives she wanted her funeral to be at Markeaton Crematorium in her home city of Derby, but was denied her dying wish because her coffin was too wide.

The 77-year-old died last month and she was buried in a coffin that was 33 inches wide. The crematorium say their limit is 28 inches.

Speaking to the Mirror newspaper her distraught daughter Jennie Butler, 42, said: "She was a big lady but we're not talking anything outrageous. She was not the biggest woman in the world.

"I cannot understand how they cannot cremate her. She can't be the first bigger person to be cremated there.

"I find the whole situation totally unacceptable and shocking."