Greggs sets up VIP Whatsapp chat

Greggs sets up VIP Whatsapp chat

Greggs has set up a VIP chat on Whatsapp.

The UK bakery company tweeted the news on Wednesday (02.11.16), claiming it had 250 spaces on the chat for fans of their limited edition "Festive Bake".

The tweet read: "WhatsApp, guys? We've got a VIP group for 250 Festive Bake lovers! WhatsApp your name to 07759325409 to get involved and maybe win a prize! (sic)"

As of Thursday (03.11.16) morning, all the spaces had been filled by the most dedicated pastry lovers.

The company told Mirror Online: "It's for Greggs fans.

"We're going to start sharing stuff soon, such as exclusive content, competitions, and giveaways.

"But mainly it's a place for people to chat Festive Bake."

And the bakery says they set up the chat group because people ask them about the Christmas pastry "as early as July".

They added: "Greggs fans love the Festive Bake and start asking about its arrival as early as July (seriously search Twitter).

"So we thought we'd set up a space for the most dedicated Festive Bake fans to enjoy their favourite thing."

Greggs' Festive Bakes will be in stores from November 8.