Green revolution taking place in Ireland with Activ8

Green revolution taking place in Ireland with Activ8

THERE’S a green revolution taking place in Ireland right now and the good news is that it’s going to mean cheaper, cleaner energy for everybody.

Using alternative energy sources, like natural heat from the sun, helps tackle climate change and that’s why homeowners are being offered up to €1,200 in grant aid from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) towards a solar thermal system.

One of the many remarkable things about solar power is that you don’t need actual sunshine to harness it, just direct light and diffused radiation, so not even Ireland’s unpredictable weather can prevent us from benefiting from it.

And a solar panel system is not just good for the environment; it’s great for reducing energy bills too as it pays for itself over time by supplying up to 60 per cent of annual hot water requirements.

Ireland’s leading installer of solar systems is Activ8 Energies, which has over three times more SEAI registered installs than any other installer.

The company now provides a free heating upgrade, meaning customers can benefit from up to €2,000 of additional value with their solar system.

There’s also no need to worry about applying or waiting for grants as Activ8 will do that for you and simply take the price off the installation bill.

Activ8 is the only solar company in the country that has attained the ISO 9001 quality mark and with business growing significantly over the past two years, is investing strongly in solar technology.

The company recently signed a €2.5million manufacturing deal with Joule Group for copper and stainless steel solar cylinders and there are plans to employ an additional 20 staff by the end of the year.

Installing a solar system is an investment so Activ8 provides customers with a great guarantee plan that offers peace of mind and the company also has a warranty backup service that’s second to none.

To find out more call 1890-929828 or visit www.activ8energies.com