Great white shark unleashes explosive attack

Great white shark unleashes explosive attack

A POWERFUL great white shark unleashes an explosive attack on a helpless baby seal.

Photographer and dive tour operator Rainer Schimpf, 48, captured this display of awesome power while shark spotting in Mossell Bay, South Africa.

Great whites can breach at speeds of around 20 mph and hit their prey with the same force as a car crash.

The shots were taken in February 2016, when brown fur seal puppies are in abundance in the area.

German-born Rainer described the moments before the attack.

He said: “We could see one of the seals swimming away from the island closer to the boat. 

“As it swam away we all realised that this was not a good idea for the seal, because the further it swims the higher the risk of being taken by a predator.

“The seal actually turned around, it looked back to the island as though it was realising this was not a good idea.

“The next second the shark hit the seal and took it out."

The wildlife photographer also explained that seeing a breach attack of this kind is extremely rare.

He said: “The special thing is that this predation wasn’t provoked, there was no decoy or artificial seal pulled behind the boat.

“There was no bait in the water so the shark wasn’t provoked to be aggressive or change its behaviour at all, it was an absolutely natural behaviour and we were really privileged to be able to witness this.

“For me personally it was amazing to see, amazing to show to our clients what nature is about, and how white sharks operate.”