Grandmother stops speeders with hairdryer

Grandmother stops speeders with hairdryer

A grandmother stands outside her home holding a hairdryer to prevent cars from spending along her road.

Jean Brooks was desperate to put a stop to drivers from whizzing down her road she decided to take action, and now points her hair appliance over her fence at vehicles as the item resembles a speed gun, Metro newspaper has reported.

And the 67-year-old's plot has already made an impact, and has scared off people from putting their foot on the accelerator.

Speaking about her plan, Jean said: "You had kids on quad bikes and mothers late getting their children to school driving at 50 or 60mph.

"I thought I'd get my dryer and stand by the gate. The first time the quad bikers came past showing off, I said to them 'not a problem lads, I've got it all here'.

"I've never seen them since then - they didn't know it was just a hairdryer I've scared them off with."