Being good looking is bad for a man's career

Good looks can hold a man back in the workplace
Good looks can hold a man back in the workplace

A study has found that being handsome can hinder a man's career.

Researchers from University College London's School of Management found that male colleagues were reluctant to promote those they thought were more handsome than they were.

Men deemed to be good looking were also usually deemed to be competent, and thus a threat in the workplace.

This goes against the stereotype that good looking people tend to do better in the workplace by dint of their looks.

The study involved 870 people, who were given CVs of equally qualified candidates, with different pictures, and asked to pick a person for a job.

Lead researcher Dr Sun Young Lee told the Telegraph: "Organisations want to hire competent candidates but individuals have their own agenda.

"When employing someone, they do not want the newcomer to do better than them and show them up."

"Managers are affected by stereotypes and make hiring decisions to serve their own self-interests so organisations may not get the most competent candidates.

"With more companies involving employees in recruitment processes, this important point needs attention.

"Awareness that hiring is affected by potential work relationships and stereotyping tendencies can help organisations improve their selection processes."

The study concluded that companies should use external recruitment agencies to make sure the appointment process was free from individual internal influence.