Giant 150kg pig tries to have sex with woman in car

The Kunekune pig weighed a whopping 150kg
The Kunekune pig weighed a whopping 150kg

A giant pig tried to make love to a woman in the front seat of her car.

When a driver spotted a 150kg Kunekune terrorising traffic near her home in Dunedin, New Zealand, she got out to try and usher it away when it began nibbling her trousers, according to the Otago Daily Times.

The pig then chased and mounted her as she lay on the front seat.

A man came to her rescue and twisted the pig's ears in a bid to get it off, and it was captured and returned to the farm from which it escaped.

The pig's owner, Cam Romeril, said his animal was just 'seeking affection' after it had been left alone for the day.

Boris made his way onto the road through a hole in a fence on Mr Romeril's property, which has since been repaired.