Giant asteroid set to pass close to Earth on Christmas Eve

Giant asteroid set to pass close to Earth on Christmas Eve

A giant asteroid which will pass earth on Christmas Eve has set of fears of natural disasters but the boffins at NASA reckon we'll be grans.

The colossal asteroid, which is thought to be 1.5 miles wide, would wipe out a whole continent if it were to hit our planet.

Nasa have been monitoring the rock closely as it blasts through space travelling at 17.5 miles per second.

The asteroid, which is 2km long, is known as 2003 SD220 and while it is classed as 'high priority' NASA have assured the world we have nothing to worry about.

The more out there fringes of the internet fear that because of its size the asteroid’s gravitational pull could wreak havoc on Earth, causing tremors, and volcanoes to erupt.

But the lump of space rock is on course to miss the Earth by 6.7 million miles unless it suddenly changes direction.

This is the first pass of a total of five over the next 12 years by 2003 SD220 and the 2018 visit will be much closer, 1.7 million miles.

That pass still won't harm us but it is much nearer to us than the vast majority of asteroids.