Giant alligator goes for a stroll through quiet suburban neighbourhood

Don't mind me...
Don't mind me...

So here’s a giant alligator casually going for a walk through a South Carolina neighbourhood as local kids look on in amazement.

Kids gawked at the sight of a large reptile strolling along before it slinked into a pond.

Though alligators are part of the state’s wildlife, especially in swampy marshes so close to coastal Charleston, it alarmed residents of the quiet Hamlets neighbourhood to see such a beast among them.

Goose Creek Police told neighbours to stay away from the alligator after it caused panic among parents now too scared to let their children go outside.

Goose Creek Police said they an animal control officer would take care of the 10-foot alligator after it hid away in a nearby pond.

"I'll never let my kids go outside again without me going out first," the kids’ mum told CBS News.

Her youngest child, a diaper-clad toddler, repeatedly said “alligator” alongside his 3-year-old sister as they watched the alligator trek their grassy lawn from the safety of inside their home.

“Our animal control officers will respond and determine the best course of action in these situations,” police officials said.

A Goose Creek Police photo shows the reptile completely ignoring a morning newspaper before finding refuge in a nearby pond.