Ghostly presence confirmed at Domino’s branch

Ghostly presence confirmed at Domino’s branch

A ghostly presence has been confirmed at a Domino’s branch in Bray after paranormal activity was proved by a top team of spectral scientists.

Domino’s store team members in Bray reported some strange goings on in the store, especially late at night or in the early hours of the morning when the store delivers late. 

In particular, Team Members heard strange noises around the witching hour at 3am when lights started to flicker.

Many eye-witness reports, including testimony from customers stating sightings of strange figures in the area, further fuelled suspicions that there was a presence in the store.

“We’ve noticed over the last few months between half two and three o’clock in the morning,” Fred Carey from Domino’s Bray explains. 

“We’ve seen the lights start to flicker and pizza boxes fall on the floor and some eerie noises coming from the back of the shop.  We’ve decided to call in the experts to help us find out what’s going on.”

The frequency of disturbances has increased in the lead up to Halloween so they took the decision to call in ghost busters.

Tina Barcoe, Founder of Paranormal Researchers Ireland and Ghost Hunter, Billy Cullen met with the store team and proceeded to carry out the investigation.

Paranormal Researchers Ireland visited the store with a vast amount of high tech and specialist equipment to carry out the investigation. 

The ghost hunting equipment included an EVP Recorder, a Rook EMF Meter, an EDI Meter, a Mei Meter REM-ATDD and a ghost cam. 

The hunting started with an electrical base reading to confirm there were no issues with the electrics in the building. 

Once this had been established, the ghost hunters spent hours reading the meters, recorders and the thermal, to reveal a presence in the store.

Tina Barcoe confirmed what a lot of staff and customer already knew - that the presence of paranormal activity in the Domino’s store was real. 

“There is a lot of activity.  We’ve spent a bit of time here, caught some pictures on the thermal and caught a few readings that were random. 

Looks like Domino’s was right to follow up on their suspicions”