Get out the white socks and sandals – Ireland is in for a period of ‘settled’ weather

Ok, we mightn't be scorched - but it's going to be very pleasant
Ok, we mightn't be scorched - but it's going to be very pleasant

We love nothing better than a good old natter about the weather here in Ireland, so let us help you to stay informed about what’s ahead in the coming week – no rain.

Yes, we said it. Ireland is about to experience a prolonged (by Irish standards) blast of blue skies and sunshine – although temperatures won’t exactly be scorching.

Apart from Wednesday (well, it is Ireland after all) when a band of light rain will sweep across the country, it looks as though it’s going to be sun, sun, sun all the way well into next week.

Britain will get weather even better than ours, with forecasters predicting temperatures could reach as high as 25C on Wednesday - more than 10C above the average for the time of year - with parts of the UK likely to trump holiday hotspots in Spain, Italy and Greece in the coming days.

Met Eireann are reluctant to promise us too much, too soon – but here’s a brief synopsis of the coming days.

Tuesday: Dry – unless you live in Connacht or Ulster (sorry!), who’ll get the odd patch of drizzle – with temperatures in the mid-teens.

Wednesday: Rain, which will start early in the morning, may affect parts of the country. As for you in the northwest of the country? You will need your brolly, for sure.

Thursday: After dry weather EVERYWHERE on Wednesday night, Thursday continues that trend – with added sunshine for good effect. Nights will be chilly, but we’re unlikely to be arranging any picnics for then anyway.

Friday onwards: Sun, sunny spells, dry, settled, no rain… you get the picture?

This weather should last well into the middle of next week, when we can expect middle-aged men in white socks and sandals and less-than-athletic ladies wearing far too few clothes to be seen in their thousands wandering around Ireland saying ‘ah, that’s our summer now… it’ll rain all through the kids’ holidays’.

The 10-day forecast for Dublin from the ever-reliable Norwegian website yr.no

But the even better news is that we could all see warm weather continue over the next few months after the boffins-in-the-know confirmed that hotter-than-average temperatures are more than twice as likely than below-average conditions until June.

Personally, I’d be happy enough if the rain just fecked off for a while.