Get back in your box sun worshippers - the weather’s about to take a nasty turn

Dogs - not big fans of wet weather either
Dogs - not big fans of wet weather either

The diminutive purple popster Prince once wrote a moving ballad called ‘Sometimes It Snows In April’ – well, he must’ve been on his holliers in Ireland when he penned that tune, it seems.

After the positively balmy weather of the past week we’ve seen things take a turn for the worse this weekend, weather-wise. But you ain’t seen nothing yet.

According to weather boffins we could see snow tomorrow.

As a band of rain sweeps across the country this evening (Hey! Where have you been rain, our old friend? We’ve missed you!*) there will be some clear skies… for a bit.

Then, well… things go pear-shaped. The rain will return overnight, particularly in Connacht and Ulster, and will turn thundery, heavy and wintry with some sleet and possibly snow thrown in for good measure. (Just to keep us in check, like, in case we thought we were getting all ‘Los Angeles’ with our BBQs, flip flops and ideas about filling picnic baskets).

Temperatures, particularly in the northwest, will plummet as low as -2 degrees with some frost and icy patches.

This, let’s face it, manky weather will sweep across the country but the snowier stuff won’t travel with it. However, we can basically expect rain between the showers for a couple of days.

The week ahead is set to be… ahem… ‘changeable’ – the phrase of choice for any professional weather forecaster who, let’s face it, hasn’t a clue what will crop up next and doesn’t want to appear too foolish.

Time to get back to perusing those summer holiday brochures, methinks!

*Just for the record, Mr Rain, we’re being sarcastic - we haven’t missed you at all. We prefer our new pal, Mr Blue Skies.