Gardai seize replica guns from McGregor but he won’t face any charges

McGregor posing with airsoft gun
McGregor posing with airsoft gun

GARDAI have seized replica guns from Conor McGregor, but he won’t face any charges over the matter.

Gardaí launched an investigation after the UFC world featherweight champion posted pictures online this week of him wearing a balaclava and holding what looked like a real firearm in his car in Crumlin, Dublin.

Officers called to his parents’ home on Friday and spoke with McGregor.

“He handed over two air-soft guns which his dad had bought him for Christmas. They’ve been sent off for ballistics tests as a matter of procedure, but he’s not likely to face any charges,” said a source.

McGregor apologised yesterday in a public Instagram post.

“I apologise for having the air-soft in public. I was simply rehearsing for a potential upcoming film role,” he told followers.

Meanwhile, he might be the most famous McGregor in the world at the moment, but his clan in Scotland weren’t even aware they had a world champion among their members.

The Dubliner boasted of his clan this weekend when he lashed out at boxer Floyd Mayweather in an ongoing war of words.

McGregor hit back at Mayweather for saying “racism still exists” in combat sports, suggesting the Notorious gets more positive attention in the media because he is white.

“Floyd Mayweather, don’t ever bring race into my success again,” McGregor said in an Instagram post.

 “I am an Irishman. My people have been oppressed our entire existence. And still very much are. I understand the feeling of prejudice. It is a feeling that is deep in my blood.

“In my family’s long history of warfare there was a time where just having the name ‘McGregor’ was punishable by death.”

Ishbel McGregor of the Clan Gregor Society, whose headquarters are in Scotland, where the name originates, said the fighter was correct about people being killed for having the McGregor name. 

King James VI outlawed the McGregor clan in 1603 and under the Proscriptive Acts of Clan Gregor, the name McGregor was “altogidder abolished” and using it was “punishable by death”.

“We were beheaded and the people who beheaded us got paid for handing over our heads,” Ishbel told the Sunday World.

The McGregor men who refused to give up their name were executed while women were stripped bare, branded and whipped through the streets.

When Ishbel was asked whether the Clan Gregor Society would welcome Conor, she admitted: “I have never heard of him.”

However, she also admitted she hadn’t heard of UFC and Conor would be more than welcome to join.

“Maybe Conor will join the society. He’s definitely invited to join, but I’m not paying for him,” she said, before the Sunday World pointed out he was a millionaire and could probably afford the membership.

While Ishbel hadn’t heard of Conor, Professor Richard McGregor, chairman of the society, was well aware of his achievements.

 “His success was published on the clan’s Facebook page and we saw his comments today. We are very open and would welcome Conor into the society,” he said.

Meanwhile, the UFC champion also thanked Rolling Stone for making him one of their 25 sex symbols of 2015 and challenged Mayweather to a fight.

“If you want we can organise a fight no problem. I will give you a fair 80/20 split purse in my favour seen as your last fight bombed at every area of revenue,” he said.