Gangster's Love/Hate motor for sale

Gangster's Love/Hate motor for sale

A motor used for dodgy dealing in hit TV show Love/Hate is up for sale after being discovered in a second hand car lot in Bray, Co Wicklow.

The 1998 Honda Accord was used for drug deals and mob hits by ‘Elmo’, played by Laurence Kinlan until the penultimate episode last November when he was nabbed by gardai.

The 2.2ltr motor then found its way to a Honda garage owned by Peter Deignan, who recently saw an old episode of the hit show and realised that the gangster’s motor was in his lot.

“We sold the car, it was lent to someone working on the show, and then the owner brought it back in.

“I honestly didn’t know that it had been on Love/Hate until I sat down to watch the show.

The motor, which only has 66k miles (107km) on the clock, is priced at €950.

“The only drawback is the road tax is €1,000,” Peter said, adding “Then again that may not bother a fan or someone who realises a bargain when they find one”.

The ad can be viewed here.