French model serenaded by Irish fans has her own video of the moment

Carla Romero (Image via carla_rm_/Instagram)
Carla Romero (Image via carla_rm_/Instagram)

A video of hundreds of Irish fans singing singing the Frankie Valli classic 'You're just too good to be true' to a French woman went viral but her own video of the same incident is even better.

The situation looked more than a little intense for the French lady in question in this video that has been viewed over 1.2million times on YouTube.

The French lady in question was tracked down by the Daily Mail and Carla Roméra was delighted to be involved in the heartwarming moment before the Belgium game in Bordeuax on Saturday.

"I want to say that I am very proud of the Irish, it was a magical time filled with kindness and joy," she said.

Miss Roméra, who works as a lifeguard and a model and is in her early 20s, uploaded her own video of the sing-song on her Instagram account and it is jam-packed with smiling faces.