Frankie Boyle defends Irish people in wake of Clarkson attack

'Horrible': Boyle isn't the biggest fan of Jeremy Clarkson
'Horrible': Boyle isn't the biggest fan of Jeremy Clarkson

Controversial comedian Frankie Boyle has launched a bitter attack on Jeremy Clarkson after the presenter was sacked for punching producer Oisin Tymon.

He took to Twitter to lambast the sacked TV star after he allegedly punched the Irish producer of the show and called him “a lazy Irish c**t”.

He tells Clarkson, in no uncertain terms, that the roads he has made his fortune driving cars on for the top-rated BBC show were built by the Irish.

In recent times Boyle had called Clarkson a “cultural tumour” and said he should be sacked.

He said that, following Clarkson's apology and warning from the BBC after an online video emerged of him apparently mumbling the N-word in the nursery rhyme Eeny, Meeny, Miny Moe, in an outtake from the BBC2 programme, he should been thrown off the TV screens.

“He's in there like a fucking growth,” he said at the time, “and he should be removed. He’s horrible.”