Flashy multimillionaire car nut launches massive 'Rally of the Kings'

Danny Lambo (Pic credit Barcroft Media)
Danny Lambo (Pic credit Barcroft Media)
Danny Lambo (Pic credit Barcroft Media)
Danny Lambo (Pic credit Barcroft Media)

Multimillionaire Danny Lambo brought a touch of glamour to London yesterday when he showcased three of the world’s most powerful cars.

The cars were led from Knightsbridge to Downing Street by Danny in his legendary purple Lamborghini Diablo - which has the loudest exhaust in the UK.

The other cars included another of Danny’s prize possessions, an Aston Martin DB6 first driven by superspy James Bond in the movie Dr. No, and a sleek gunmetal grey Lamborghini Aventador.

The drive was arranged to celebrate the arrival of Egyptian leader General Al-Sisi, who was in London for a state visit.

Ladies’ man Danny was also promoting his latest madcap venture – a supercar rally going from palace to palace in Europe and ending at the Pyramids at Giza in Egypt - which the 38-year-old is calling the ‘Rally of Kings’.

Danny, from Croydon, London, is now styling himself on the mighty ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Rameses II, who built many of Egypt’s most iconic landmarks.

The rally will take in some of the most opulent sites in the world, travelling from Kensington Palace in London, stopping at France’s Chateau de Chantilly, the Palace of Turin and the Court of Brindisi along the way.

Danny said: “The original flashiest playboy was Rameses II, so I thought I should check him out for myself.”

“We’ll be stopping every night, staying at a different palace in Europe. When we get to Brindisi, we’ll fly to Cairo and have our cars shipped over. It’ll take two and a half days, so President Sisi has promised us a surprise for our stay in the city."

A crowd gathered to watch the cars as they travelled up Whitehall and Danny did not disappoint when he excessively revved his extra loud engine - although a Downing Street police officer was not so impressed.

Danny said: “Once the president went in to Number 10, I wanted to entertain the crowd with the noise of the engine on my Lambourghini Diablo. 

"They loved hearing me rev my engine, but a policeman quickly came over and told me I couldn’t make that sort of noise on Whitehall.

“We followed President Sisi in a convoy from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge right through to Downing Street. Unfortunately we didn’t have diplomatic immunity like him to let us skip the red lights.”

Danny recently starred in the Channel 5 series Britain’s Flashiest Families, and made his money from boutique hotels and property deals.

But despite the hareem of leggy models in his life, Danny has previously admitted that his only true loves are his cats, Molly and Minnie.