Fishy smell wafts through Hull

Fishy smell wafts through Hull

The smell of "rotten fish" has been wafting through a city in Yorkshire.

Residents of Hull - also known as Kingston upon Hull - have been complaining of a potent smell clogging up their noses after temperatures of 30 degrees hit the North East on Tuesday (13.09.16).

Angry people have been taking to their Twitter accounts to voice their frustrations as they've been forced to close their windows.

Someone who goes by the handle Kev said: "It stinks of fish outside in #Hull for some reason tonight (sic)"

Another called Rowan added: "Why has the smell of fish just drifted through my window @ hull (sic)"

Other people have complained about the stench on their local paper.

Laura-Christina Calvert commented: "I got a slight whiff at about 9.30(ish) last night. It wasn't particularly strong, sort of like you had just cooked fish for tea and it had lingered."

While Gemma Slater added: "Really fishy and burnt. I assumed it was the heat bringing out something from either the docks or Saltend."

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, it's believed a Victorian sewer system was to blame for the awful smell.