Firemen use little girl to rescue kitten in drain

Little Janeysha Cruz (inset) rescued the kitten
Little Janeysha Cruz (inset) rescued the kitten

Firefighters were too big to rescue a kitten from a storm drain, but a six-year-old girl's size proved to be just right to get to the little kitty.

Lancaster Township firefighters responded when the girl, Janeysha Cruz, and her friends saw the trapped kitten on Tuesday afternoon.

The girl's mother called 911 and then gave firefighters permission to lower her nearly 3ft down into the drain, which was too small for them to enter.

The girl was able to coax the kitten to come to her and handed it to the firefighters.

The Fire Department of the city in South Central Pennsylvania reported the incident on its Facebook page, along with a picture of Janeysha, Deputy Fire Chief Glenn Usdin and the kitten.