Bullied girl beaten unconscious now top glamour model

Jade Entwistle
Jade Entwistle
Jade Entwistle
Jade Entwistle

EXCLUSIVE: By Tina Calder Pics: Michael Yeung

Belfast glamour model Jade Entwistle has the last laugh on the bullies who tried to wreck her career.

The 20-year-old beauty has beaten the physical abuse and the ‘ugly’ jibes to set pulses racing as one of the new generation of Ulster glamour models.

Looking at these pictures it’s hard to believe trolls made her life so unbearable she lost her hair, and was a virtual prisoner in her own home.

Jade was subjected to so much bullying that by her mid-teens she had lost 95 per cent of her hair due to stress related alopecia brought on by the verbal and physical abuse she would receive.

Thoughtless teens would regularly call her “ugly” and tell her she was “only fit to model dog food”.

At one stage the physical abuse got so bad, Jade was attacked by a group of students in a school bathroom where she was found beaten and unconscious on the floor.

Over time Jade’s life fell apart and eventually she was so embarrassed by her head scarves and wigs that she was afraid to leave the house.

As she battled alopecia the bullies were relentless taunting her by calling her a liar on social media and shouting “how’s the alopecia going?” in the streets.

Jade has always had a love of performing and as a child would simulate catwalk shows and pose for photos.

As a child living in Co. Durham she modelled professionally for big companies like Tesco and Kodak. But the more successful a child model Jade became, the more other kids would disapprove.

“I was always a poser as a child wherever a camera was there I was pulling a smile or a pose,” she said. “It was always something I wanted to do as I enjoyed being dressed up and photographed, it’s where I could be myself.”

An emotional Jade said childhood for her was a lonely experience.

“I was always picked on when I was young and I never could understand why, maybe it was because I stood out in many ways. I obeyed the rules. I used to sit by myself at lunch time as I never seemed to fit in with a peer group.”

A teenage Jade was forced to change schools as the bullying followed her.

“I was physically hurt by girl pupils and boys used to try and trip me up in the corridors. They would tell me that I could only ever model dog food because I looked like one and as I got older they would say I needed chicken fillets as I didn’t look like a woman.

“I was told I was ugly. I couldn’t understand how people could be so mean to me. “

Things hit an all-time low when she was assaulted in a school toilet and left unconscious.

“My self esteem began to plummet, I couldn’t go anywhere alone.”

At one stage the bullying got so bad she had to take a restraining order against another pupil, until finally her family pulled out of school. Even then there was no sanctuary as the abuse continued online.

“Eventually when I came Northern Ireland I could act the way I wanted to and stopped listening to what people were saying about me.”

Earlier this year she signed was signed by Frontier Models, run by fellow Belfast glamour girl Laura Lacole and in June she was the only model from Northern Ireland and Ireland invited to a sexy photoshoot at Europe’s answer to the Playboy Mansion in the Portugal.

“If I could speak to those bullies now I would ask what made them hate me so much and what did I do wrong, but at the same time thank them for making me who I am today.”

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