Everybody has fallen in love with this ad about a very cute pig and a man called Donal

Cute: The little Vodafone piggy
Cute: The little Vodafone piggy

'You don't know anyone who's lost a pig, do ya?'

A Vodafone Ireland advert featuring a very adorable pig is giving people around the country the feels. 

A man called Donal discovers a small pig in the middle of the road and embarks on a journey to find out who owns him. 

He phones his local pub, but nobody there has lost one. He phones a mechanic who says he just knows 'they taste alright'. 

Donal feeds the little piggy a custard cream before bringing him home for the night and become best buds. 

And people on Twitter LOVE it. 

The advert is actually one Vodafone remade for the Irish market...