EuroMillions winner and pals picks up massive cheque in emoji heads

Three very happy, and wealthy, emojis
Three very happy, and wealthy, emojis

A EuroMillions winner brought along two pals and three emoji masks as he picked up his bumper cash prize today at National Lottery HQ.

The winner, who is a young man from Clare who has chosen to remain anonymous, surprised two of his friends by bringing them to pick up his monster winnings of €195,998.

‘We had no idea where he was bringing us until we got inside the door,’ one of his friends revealed.

The lucky punter matched 5 numbers and a Lucky Star in last Friday's draw to earn the huge cash bonus.

The winner told the National Lottery website: ‘I asked the two lads to come with me to Dublin today but I didn’t tell where we were going,’ he said.

‘I could have come on my own but I wanted to share the experience with my two best friends. I’m going to enjoy the win over the next couple of days but first, I have plans to pay off my mortgage and we will see what is left after that,’.

We hope he didn't spend too much money on the masks...