E20 Chockney Box launched to revive cockney slang

E20 Chockney Box launched to revive cockney slang

East Village E20 has launched the E20 Chockney Box to try and save the London dialect.

According to research conducted by E20 the use of cockney has fallen dramatically by 50 per cent in the past 40 years across the UK.

The only phrase that has stood the test of time is 'Rosy Lee' with 80 per cent of those surveyed identifying its real meaning as 'a cup of tea.'

The new innovative range of artisan chocolates are each named after a famous phrase, from Ruby Murray [curry] and Rocking Horse [sauce].

Eddie Amon-Lebeau, Head Chocolatier at the Tattooed Bakers said: "As Londoners ourselves we were pretty disheartened to hear that cockney rhyming slang is on the decrease, so we're delighted to get involved with crafting a yummy, cunning way to help the nation engage with the historic language of the East End once again. We've worked tirelessly in the kitchen to develop each of the flavours and ensure they match the different cockney rhyming slang phrases perfectly."

The box contains sweet treats with the name of rhyming slang Phrases.