Dutch man hospitalised after waiting for girlfriend at airport for 10 days

Cirk at the airport (Image via Weibo)
Cirk at the airport (Image via Weibo)

A love-sick Dutch man was hospitalised with exhaustion after waiting at a Chinese airport for 10 days for his girlfriend to show up.

Alexander Pieter Cirk has become an internet star in China due to his determination to wait for a woman known only as Zhang.

According to the BBC, the 41-year-old flew from Holland to Hunan province to meet his online girlfriend, and he would eventually spend 10 days waiting for her at Changsha airport.

The report says that the 'couple' met via an app two months ago but after the Dutch man flew to meet her, he discovered she was not there.

He refused to leave the airport and was eventually hospitalised.

Chinese media managed to track down Zhang who gave her side of the story, claiming that she thought he was joking when he sent her an image of his plane ticket.

And, by the time he had arrived  she was in hospital getting plastic surgery and had her phone off.

Cirk is due to return home this week but the romance is not dead, with Zhang saying she is interested in keeping the relationship going once she recovers from the surgery.