Dublin lad hits it off with Mariah Carey after sneaking into her hotel

Mariah Carey with Dublin native Adam Caslin
Mariah Carey with Dublin native Adam Caslin

A YOUNG Irishman who snuck into Mariah Carey's hotel last week has now become one of the American diva's latest pals.

So much so that the singer dragged him up on stage at her London show on Wednesday night and has signed him up to take part in her E channel reality show.

"I found out what hotel Mariah was staying in in Glasgow on March 15 before her show there," explained Dub­liner Adam Caslin (25).

"I pretended to be staying there when I was stopped and after an hour sitting there I saw her manager, Stella."

Adam struck up a friendship with Stella, who asked him if he’d be in­terested in taking part in Mariah’s programme.

He then waited for Mariah (45) to come downstairs.

"She came out of the lift and I pounced," he giggled. "She heard my accent and told me her mother was from Cork and talked fondly of how she played the MTV awards in Dublin in 1999."

He was invited back to her dressing room afterward. "It was a thrill as I'm a huge Mariah fan," he beamed.

"I then went to her show in Lon­don during the week and one of her assistants saw me," explains Adam, who is from Artane.

Mariah invited Adam up on­stage to join her towards the end of her cover of 'I'll be there'.