Drunk tweets lead to a rise in 'shame-therapy'

Drunk tweets lead to a rise in 'shame-therapy'

Twitter users are being advised not to drink and tweet, unless they want to undergo ‘shame-therapy’.

The warning comes from Irish counsellors and psychotherapists who have seen a rise in Twitter users suffering mental health problems due to regret from drunken posts.

In today's modern society, being drunk in front of a computer is a threat that could lead to years of serious anguish.

Shane Kelly, spokesman for the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy has said: "We would advise internet users to avoid social media altogether when they are in an emotional state.

"This could involve alcohol or it could simply be they were in bad form or overworked and overstressed.

"You would not shout or make disparaging remarks to random strangers in real life. So if you apply the same approach online as you do offline, then you will avoid experiencing digital shame."

The hidden danger behind social media platforms means that even if a person has few followers, the comment or picture can be retweeted to thousands of users resulting in the “morning after” regret.

Mr Kelly added: “Replaying an inappropriate message made at a time of impaired judgment due to drink, and knowing it was globally broadcast, can have a detrimental effect on some people's mental health.

“The post can involve not just a comment but also a photo of someone in an inebriated state. It can also impact negatively on someone's job."