Drunk party goers mistake the police for strippers

Drunk party goers mistake the police for strippers

A drunken German party goers mistook police officers for strippers.

The officers were called to the southwestern town of Bendorf, Germany, after a 50th birthday party became too loud and wild.

According to NBC the police department said: "When the two male officers arrived they were cheered by the crowd."

According to the law enforcement officers they attempted on several occasions to explain their identity was completely unsuccessful.

They said: "[There was] approximately 10 tipsy women"

The rowdy women posed for pictures with the officers and asked for hugs with the men in uniform.

However, the two professionals needed something for their police report, which is routine procedure, but asked for the birthday girls phone number.

Speaking about the response he received, he said: "This boosted the amusement of the ladies sky high."