Drunk man wakes up on top of 75ft building

Drunk man wakes up on top of 75ft building

A 27-year-old man woke up after a night out to find himself on top of a 75 foot high building.

Isaac Moore's night started out as any other night, until he downed six pints and scaled the Grand Arcade in Cambridge, according to the Metro newspaper.

It has been reported 11 shops were forced to be evacuated before firefighters could go and wake him up from his sleep.

After rescuing the man, police arrested him for causing a "public nuisance".

Isaac eventually realised his mistake and pleaded guilty to his recklessness.

He said: "Yeah, I was found on the roof so I suppose I did."

Officials believe that he had climbed a fire escape on Barclays bank before making the ascent to the popular shopping centre.

Isaac will be sentenced this month.