Drunk diner leaves huge tip, returns next morning and takes it back

Drunken tipping nearly proved costly
Drunken tipping nearly proved costly

A drunk restaurant customer in the US left a massive tip for the waiting staff, before returning the next morning to get it back.

According to the Denver Post, the incident happened in a Thai restaurant called Thailicious in the city of Edgewater in Colorado.

Over the weekend a customer left a $1,088 (€966) tip after his meal.

The wait staff were obviously delighted but owner Bee Anantatho was a little concerned so she decided to put the money aside, just in case the man had a change of heart before dividing up the cash between the staff.

Sure enough, her instincts were correct when the man returned the next morning.

The man said he was drunk and he had put all his cash in the book handed out with the bill.

After his cash was handed back the man paid for his $60 (€53) meal and left a $40 (€35) tip.

Asked whether she thought she would see the man again, Anantatho told the paper: “I think he will come back.”