Drivers punished for using full beam

Drivers punished for using full beam

Drivers who use their car's full beam unnecessarily are facing punishment in China.

Police in China are punishing drivers who dazzle other road users by switching on their car's full beam headlights - by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Offenders are now being forced to stare into the full glare of the headlights for a full minute, as well as being handed a fine of 300 yuan (£36).

Posting on their official Weibo account, police in the city of Shenzhen wrote: "Tonight we are carrying out punishments using a high beam.

"Now you can experience for yourself just how harmful the full-beam headlights are and how much light pollution they cause."

After enduring the punishment, one driver said would "never come" to the city again.

He said: "My eyes were dazzled. I will never come to Shenzhen again."

Police say the habit is dangerous because the lights can cause road blindness, which may cause serious accidents.