Don’t ‘eject’ your VHS tapes yet – they could be worth a few bob

FAST FORWARD A FEW YEARS... VHS tapes could be worth a bit
FAST FORWARD A FEW YEARS... VHS tapes could be worth a bit

International courier ParcelHero says don’t ‘eject’ all those old videos when spring cleaning: Fast-Forward a few years and they could be valuable.

This news may become the cause of many rows between certain people and their over-zealous mammys – who, like most Irish mothers, probably threw away most of their things while they were at school/college because ‘they were just collecting dust’ – and most of us had a half-decent collection of VHS tapes with our favourite movies on them.

But those tapes in the landfill could have earned you a nice few sheckles, it seems.

David Jinks, former Editor of Model Price Guide, Coins Market Values and Area 51: Sci Fi Collecting, says that pre-recorded VHS commercial video tapes could become the next big collectable, and enjoy a boom similar to that which vinyl records are currently enjoying.

Jinks said: ‘It’s time to learn the lesson of vinyl.

“Many once unloved and discarded original LPs and singles are now worth significant sums. Most people who bought the original Beatles’ White Album release played them to destruction; they had no idea they might be very valuable in the future. Now the album can be worth up to £7,000 for the right version, with mint record and sleeve.

“Today video tapes are considered just as ephemeral as records once were, and are fast disappearing from our homes.

“There are few items more unwanted and unloved at the moment than old video tapes. Many people probably have a boxful in the loft, and no working VHS player to show them on. Most charity and second hand stores won’t even take them for free.

“But it is precisely because they are being thrown out faster than you can say ‘Betamax’ that they will become collectables in the future,’ he explains.

“Many really valuable collectables today are items that were largely disposable in the past but now inspire nostalgia. Original 1970’s Hot Wheels and Barbies in their original packaging, and Star Wars figures still mint in their bubble packs, can be worth many thousands today; precisely because they are rare survivors from a time when most of their brothers and sisters were dropped from windows, had their heads pulled off or were lost in the sandpit.

“In the same way pre-recorded commercial videos of much loved movies, particularly sci-fi and cult films such as Star Trek, Doctor Who or Bruce Lee movies, are being wiped from our memories today; but could one day be worth significant sums.’

“Videos could become a good collector’s item in the future. They will inspire nostalgia, are often attractive, compact and are easily mailed; a useful thing to consider if selling on eBay. You can’t Rewind the future, so hang on to any mint condition tapes.”

Personally, I’m off to the attic in my parents’ house later this afternoon, so put on the tea Mam – and be prepared for a falling-out when I find my collection is gone.