Dog lives under a shed for a year after owner dies

Woody when he was found
Woody when he was found

Woody was found a year after his owner had died living under a nearby shed, matted and starving.

The dog was luckily rescued by the team at Hope for Paws, a US based non-profit animal organisation who rescue dogs and other animals living in the street.

The video explains that little Woody’s owner had passed away and the family he lived with had left and sold their house, forcing the dos to live under a shed and live of scraps and water given to him by neighbours.

The video, which was uploaded by Eldad Hager, shows Woody’s rescue and transformation by the Hope for Paws team.

Woody looking much happier

Woody’s matted hair is clipped; he is fed and brought to their shelter.

Staff member Lisa Chiarelli agreed to foster Woody, but they are currently looking for someone to take the dog on full time