Disabled Traveller threw bag of urine over police

Stock image of urine catheter
Stock image of urine catheter

A disabled Traveller will spend 20 weeks behind bars after he tore off his urine bag and penis sheath before firing them at police, who were soaked in his discharge.

Felix Ward (28), who is partially paralysed from the waist down, was pulled over by UK traffic police on August 1, 2015.

After failing a breathalyser test, Ward became aggressive with the cops.

According to the Irish Daily Star, a court heard that Ward attempted to slam the car door on the police before claiming he was only pulled over due to his Traveller heritage.

Having been told that he would need to be brought to the station for a further test (which he later passed), the 28-year-old proceeded to tear off both his urine bag and penis sheath.

After throwing both objects at the officers, soaking them in urine, Ward began to wet himself.

Ward was partially paralysed in a 2012 car crash, meaning he needs to use both a wheelchair and a colostomy bag.

The arresting officers tried to restrain Ward, with the aid of a paramedic.

However, he further resisted arrest by biting the policemen before claiming he would sue them.

According to the Irish Post, the court heard that when the two officers again attempted to arrest Ward, he screamed: "Get your hands off me or I will f***ing sue you."

Ward's defence consisted of claims that he could not recall the event due to blackouts and mood swings caused by medication he was on at the time of the incident.

He received a 20-week prison sentence after being found guilty of three counts of assault.